Back to School Season is upon us and the kids aren’t the only ones who deserve new gear for the school year! From organizing the classroom to toting home papers and projects, personalized products are a must-have for educators. Here are a few great products that are easily heat pressed which are perfect for the classroom.

Market Totes
These Market Totes are perfect for toting to and from school and great for organizing the classroom. The product features a completely flat personalization area that can easily be heat pressed with a name, initials, or even text. Messy, cluttered shelf? Problem solved. Line the shelf with labeled Market Totes (or even Mini Market Totes) and say hello to organized accessibility. This product also features a removable aluminum frame that makes heat pressing a breeze.

No more fumbling in a bag or your pockets for classroom keys, keep them easily accessible and secure around your neck with a personalized Lanyard. Teachers have too much to keep track of as it is, the make their keys one less thing to work about. Heat press a name or room number onto the lanyard to add a personal touch!

Ultimate Totes
This tote definitely lives up to its name! The oversized tote features a large interior section with 6 open interior pockets and a zipper pocket. The front panel is the ideal place to heat press and add personalization. While doing the work of multiple smaller tote bags, the Ultimate Tote holds everything from art supplies to papers and projects. The multiple interior pockets keep everything inside organized and easy to find.

ID Cases
School ID? Change for the vending machine? Keys? Consider it taken care of. ID Cases are great for storing all the little necessities. The front features a clear window to keep a school ID visible and the back features an area that is perfect for heat pressing initials or a name! Clip an ID case onto a matching lanyard for a set of accessories that are not only adorable but also functional.