Get It In Gear!

Remember when school started a few weeks ago and you had it all together? You installed the hooks for each child’s backpack in the foyer. You created the cute, little in and out basket for paperwork in the study. You had a week’s worth of crockpot meals in your freezer. You swore this was going to be the year that you ruled school. So, how’s that workin’ out for ya? Uh-huh. That’s what I thought. Today, I want to talk about organizational tips that are easy to maintain and actually work.

Get Powered Up: Create a Charging Station
I know you’ve seen them on Pinterest, but most families are still plugging in phones, tablets and LeapPads throughout the house. Start by finding a beautiful basket or container. I use the Mia Tile Market Tote from Viv&Lou. Set the container near an electrical outlet and place a power strip in the bottom. I like the Market Tote because it’s fashionable, it’s personalized with my family’s name, and I can snake the cord for the power strip between the tote frame and fabric.

Next, find a wire shelf (like this cupboard shelf) to place over the power strip and create a place for the electronics to sit with adequate ventilation. Personalized Phone Cases help you and your family to quickly and easily identify phones. Now, you can forget about searching high and low for that phone when it’s five minutes until the first bell rings. You can also easily determine who is breaking the electronics curfew when they should be concentrating on homework or sleeping.

Creating a place every family member will frequent also makes this area ideal for posting a family calendar, memo board or chalkboard.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Buy a Necessities Bag
Even the most organized mom can be thrown off schedule by a minor issue emergency, such as a missing shoe, a scraped knee, or spill in the backseat. If you don’t have kids in college, you may have overlooked Viv&Lou’s Emerson Paisley Shower Caddy. However, this bag is an ideal necessities bag for any mom’s vehicle. Everything you need in a pinch is viewable through the mesh pockets.

Fill it with sunblock, bandaids, wet wipes, an emergency diaper, a zip-up hoodie, scissors, a compact umbrella, brush and hair ties, an emergency snack, bottled water, an extra pair of flip flops, a flash light, an extra phone charger, a roll of paper towels and anything else you often find yourself desperately needing on the road and in the school parking lot. Sit the caddy in the trunk of your vehicle and forget about it until you need it. Trust me. You’re going to need it.

More Beautiful Products That Can Save You Time
Vinyl Decals and License Plates help you quickly and easily spot your vehicle.

Personalized Keychains help you, your kids and teachers quickly identify keys, coats, backpacks and lunch bags.

The Avery Plaid Zip Pouch is ideal for keeping between the car seat and console. Stash dry cleaning receipts, extra lunch money, note writing materials, stamps, pizza coupons and more in this easily-accessible bag rather than your already-overloaded purse or out-of-reach glove compartment.

These Viv&Lou products make great monogrammed gifts for any mom or organizationally-challenged individual you know. Get yourself in gear before the next semester rolls around. You won't regret it.