Oh, hey mother nature! So glad you’re coming to give us a break from that scorching summer heat!

Fall is here, fall is here, fall is here and one thing is for sure- this girl is excited! There are lots of things I love about this time of year, the colors change…less humidity means my hair will finally lose the frizz…apple picking…but most of all, I LOVE all things cozy!

I mean what is better than putting on your favorite sweater and bundling up in an oversized infinity scarf? Nothing, that’s what. You not only look adorable and super put together (with minimal effort) but you are also super comfy when tackling your daily adventures.

Hot Cocoa, your favorite movie (dare I say Hallmark?!) or book, and a super soft blanket. That is the recipe for a perfect evening in my book. Bonus points if your furbaby snuggles with you!

My favorite is when the weather is cool and crisp but on those dreary days, there is nothing better than to have nowhere to go and nothing in particular to do. On that kind of day, I pull out my handy dandy Carry All Bag and DIY to my heart’s content.

What is your favorite thing to do when the weather turns cooler?