Now we all know the beginning of a new year means you hear about everyone’s new goals for the coming 365 days. You may even make your own but sometimes it becomes so difficult to keep them going or even accomplish them in the first place. Below may give you some ideas on what new goals you feel like setting for yourself this coming year. We are also going to share some of our tricks to making these goals not feel so hard to accomplish. Remember even a little change is still change.

1.Get More Sleep- Start by giving yourself time to unwind from your day. Sit down put your feet up and just take a breath. If technology is keeping you up, try plugging your phone in earlier and resisting the urge to stare at it until you fall asleep. If you still need that extra nudge to help relax, lavender is a go to staple they have that's available in anything from pillow mist, lotion, and essential oils to candles. The sent of lavender is known to induce a calming and relaxing feeling allowing yourself to truly unwind.

2. Drink More Water- Now we know you hear this all the time but there are great ways to achieve this and believe us just adding one extra glass of water a day will do great things for you. Some quick tricks are to set goals, for example: I will drink two glasses of water by lunch. Make it achievable otherwise you will feel defeated before you even start. Another option is to invest in a large see through water bottle and make time markings on it. That way your water goal is always visible in front of you.

3. Get More Exercise- Yes, the dreaded exercise goal. Even if it is 30 minutes a day, believe us it actually does make a difference! Now this doesn’t mean you HAVE to go join a gym, now if you do GO YOU! That’s awesome! But try just simple little things, if you have a pet try taking them for a walk around the block instead of just letting them out in the backyard. If your office is multiple floors, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park just a little bit further out when going to the store, get in those extra steps. Small goals at a time make this it that much more achievable rather than jumping to going to the gym 4 days a week. This is building a habit which takes time don’t forget that.

4. Read More- Subscribe to a magazine, join a book club, or read a book in your down time instead of scrolling through social media on your phone.

5. Get More Organized- Clean out spaces that don’t get that much attention or where things tend to accumulate. Try turning hangers around once you wear a piece of clothing to see what you avoid and get rid of it. Personally, we love our carry all for this exact goal it is great at keeping all your little things together which makes them easy to find and store.

6. Clean More Often- When life gets busy, this is the last thing on your mind- we know. So try things like making a day a week associated with a part of your house or always do laundry on Sundays. Try making a visible checklist that shows what needs cleaning in each room to always be a reminder. Clean as you go along instead of letting it pile up. Now there is no great answer for this one but just remember you have to do what works best for you!

7. Explore More- Take time out of your schedule to take a trip, doesn’t matter how far or near. See places you have always dreamed of. Don’t be afraid to go alone, some of the best experiences can happen even if it is just you, don’t let it hold you back. Go see a friend who you haven’t seen in a long time. No matter where you go, this Weekender travel bag has got your back! Perfect for a weekend get away or a carry on for a prolonged trip.

8. Relax More- Take a bath, go get yourself some coffee and sit in the park, take a walk on the beach- whatever makes you at ease take time for it! Life can be overwhelming so be sure to take care of yourself! Take time to unwind focus on yourself and things that are important to you.

9. Kick a Bad Habit- We all have those habits we wish we could kick, so what better time to start than now! Have someone hold you accountable and don’t get mad when they do. They are doing it because they care and want you to succeed. Make small goals and rewards for yourself. Kicking a habit isn’t easy so know that it will take time and you may fail a few times but push through and it will only get better! Just whatever you do don’t give up!

10. Save More- Money. Money. Money. The most dreaded subject. Well here are some ways we have thought to just have money. Save every $5 bill you have on you. Just put it in a safe place and then at the end of the year you will have a nice little bonus waiting for you. Make a point to place some money into savings right when you get it. If it isn’t right in front of you accessible you will be less likely to spend. Give yourself payment or saving plans. If you have a big purchase or event coming up start, saving now that way it’s not so overwhelming all at once. And we can’t forget the never fail coin jar. Designate a jar in your home for loose change. Once it is filled, take it to the bank and you will be surprised in how much you saved without even trying

Below are some fun printable note pads to write down you personal goals for the year 2018!