Hello. It’s your conscience here. I'm writing to remind you about the return of the Sienna Tassel Bag at Viv&Lou. Listen, don't screw this up again. You really need that bag.

Remember how fashionable yet functional it was? You could hardly resist the tassel zipper pulls. It's even available in camel, so it will coordinate perfectly with almost every outfit I choose for you this fall. No more frantically swapping bags. You can spend a few extra moments each morning staring at your clothes in a coffee-deficient stupor.

You know what else I love about the Sienna Tassel Bag? It's small enough to carry through the mall or around the block. Yet, it's big enough for all of your so-called essentials, including that giant pocketbook you insist on carrying even though you haven’t written a check in five years.

Plus, it’s cross body style. That's so convenient when you're loading kids and groceries into the car. You might even be able to carry every single bag and package from the car to the house in one trip wearing this bag -- without nearly severing a finger or hand this time.

Speaking of severed limbs, how perfect would this bag be on Halloween night? It keeps your hands free to adjust costumes, apply face paint, dig through your kid's bag for your favorite candy bar. Oh, please. I know you do it. I'm the one who encourages it.

Viv&Lou even offers free personalization on all of their products. Free! We can afford that! There are several thread colors and monogram styles available. Personalization makes this bag all the more gorgeous. Your friends are going to be so jealous. Yes, especially that one. Maybe you can choose a monogrammed gift to give her during the upcoming holiday season. There are hundreds of products to choose from at vivandlou.com.

You can purchase them while you’re online to make your car payment. Oh, no. That was due yesterday. Sorry I didn't remind you. There's no excuse for forgetting the Sienna Tassel Bag though. Buy it before it's too late!