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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders, Coupons & Reward Points

How can I find your products in a store near me?
Due to our fast automated processing times, we are unable to add products to orders or modify them in any way. We are unable to cancel any order once it has begun processing. Please make sure to review your order before placing it.
What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal.
I Subscribed To Viv&Lou Emails And I Haven’t Received An Email With My 10% Off Code. What Do I Do?
It can take up to 15 minutes for the email to go through, so don’t worry! Also, check your spam folder. Sometimes the email can hide in there. The email subscription code can only be used once.
I Received A 10% Off Code For Subscribing To Viv&Lou Emails. I Already Placed My Order, Can I Still Apply My Discount Code?
Unfortunately, we cannot apply discount codes or make any other changes to your order once it has already been placed. We are unable to cancel any order once it has begun processing. Your code however is valid for 60 days and can be applied to your next order.
I Had Items In My Cart And When I Returned To Purchase Them The Prices Have Changed. Can The Prices Be Reverted Back To The Price They Were When The Items Were Originally Added To My Cart?
Prices are subject to change, at any time, without notice. However, if you feel that there is an error in pricing or have any questions about pricing changes please contact us.
I Forgot To Add A Coupon Code To The Order I Just Placed. Can It Be Applied To My Order, Or Can I Receive A Store Credit For The Difference?
Unfortunately, we cannot apply discount codes to any order once it has been placed. We are unable to cancel any order once it has begun processing. We also cannot provide store credit for the amount of the coupon code.
What Are Viv&Lou Rewards And How Do I Earn Points?
Viv&Lou Rewards are how we give back to our customers. It’s FREE and easy to use! Register an account to get started! You can earn points many different ways!
  • Registering for account will give you 300 points.
  • For every dollar you spend you receive 5 points.
  • Once you have received your order, an email will be sent to you. You can complete a review on your purchased products and receive 200 points for each review.
  • Your points will be added to your account within 2 business days and can be redeemed at any time once you have at least 100 points. 200 points = $1.00.


How long will it take me to receive my order?

All personalized orders will ship out of our facility based upon the shipping chart below. During seasons of high order volume, please allow for additional processing time. Use the estimated ship date to better determine when an order will leave our facility. For more details on processing times, please contact our customer service department.

Please Note: As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, please factor in any shipping delays the carriers may be experiencing when placing orders during this time, as these delays are out of our control.

How fast you receive your order after that depends on which shipping method you choose.

What Shipping Methods Do You Offer?
Viv&Lou ships USPS and UPS. The different types of shipping can be chosen during check-out. Upon completion of your order you will receive an email confirmation that your order has been placed. When your order ships you will receive an additional email containing your tracking number. Go directly to USPS or UPS to track your order.
I qualify for FREE Shipping. Which shipping method should be chosen?
Viv&Lou offers FREE Ground Shipping (Choose $0.00 Option) on all orders $75 or more.


How do I enter my initials for a monogram?

You must enter your initials exactly how they should appear on the item.

Traditional monograms for women are in the order of the first name, LAST NAME, middle name, the last initial being larger than the first and middle.
For example, Theresa Claire Baker would be TBC.

Traditional monograms for men are in the order of first name, middle name, last name with all initials being the same size. To enter initials for a male you must enter it in as all capital letters in the text field.
For example, Jake David Marshall would be JDM.

For a couple's monogram, the wife’s first initial is first, then the last name initial then the husband’s first name initial.
For example, Rachel and Eric Smith would be RSE.

For a single initial, choose Single Initial when you are adding your personalization.
For example, Macie or McCarthy would be M.

Two lines of text is always an option at no additional charge.

The size of the monogram will be approximately 2.5 in X 5 in. Please keep in mind, the more characters the smaller the personalization will be. The height will depend on how long the text is that we are monogramming. For example, a long name like Samantha will be smaller than a name like Ava.

If you have any questions, please contact us prior to ordering. Remember, no changes can be made to your order once it has been submitted and we cannot accept returns on personalized items.

What color choices do you offer for monogramming?

Viv&Lou offers a variety of colors that can be viewed below and they can also be viewed on each individual products page.

What Fonts Do You Offer For Personalization?
Viv&Lou offers a variety of fonts that can be viewed below or on individual product pages. Please make sure to check each letter of your monogram in the font you choose. No returns are accepted on personalized products.

I want to change my font, color or monogram after my order is placed. Can I do this?
Due to our automated system and quick turn-around times we are unable to make changes to orders once they are placed. Please review your order carefully prior to submitting.
I Ordered Two Of The Same Product Monogrammed, In The Same Font, Why Do The Names Appear So Different In Size?
We have a fixed monogram area of approximately 2.5 inches x 5 inches. A shorter name like "Sam" will appear larger than a longer name like "Miller". Also, if the name has a descender (a letter that has a tail dropping down below the baseline) in it the name will also appear smaller. For example, a name like Dylan or Maggie will sew smaller than names like Amber or Hannah.
The pattern on the product I received has a different placement than the one pictured on the website. Why is this?
Our bags are made from large spools of material. Depending upon which area of the fabric your bag was cut from, the pattern placement will vary. We recommend you choose a monogram thread color that will look good on any area of the pattern. Pattern variance is normal and returns will not be accepted.

General Questions

How can I find your products in a store near me?

We are so glad you love our products and we know you will love them even more once you see them in person! Viv&Lou products are in thousands of stores nationwide and hopefully in one around the corner from you! To find a retailer near you click here. Can’t find us in a store near you? Send an email to [email protected] with the name of a store that you think should carry our products! Please keep in mind that our retailers cannot accept returns of items purchased on and we cannot accept returns of items purchased from our retailers.

How do I tie and Bow Tie and Tie?

How Can I Stay Connected With Viv&Lou?

There are so many ways for you to keep in touch with Viv&Lou. Subscribe to our email list, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and even like us on Facebook. You will be the first to know about new products, special sale, online events and more!

Who Should I Contact Regarding Marketing Opportunities Or Press Inquiries?
Please email [email protected] for marketing opportunities or press inquiries.
My question is not answered here. How can I reach you?

Please email us at [email protected] or view a complete list of ways to get in touch with us here.

Happy shopping!