Hi there, it’s your queen of southernisms here, ready to introduce you to the world of manners! It is not too late to add a new resolution to your list and I think that everyone should try to improve their manners this year. Call me old school if you want, but I cringe at the thought of living in a world of people that don’t know how to “mind their manners!”

Hold the Door
Really people, this one is easy. If someone is close enough to you that they could reach out and touch your shoulder, then they are close enough for you to keep the door open. I know life is crazy busy sometimes, but I promise you that those five seconds of waiting at the door will be oh so worth it in the end.

Say Please and Thank You
This one is really about consideration for your fellow coworkers, friends, acquaintances, or even cashiers at your favorite fast food restaurant. This is something that most parents teach their kids at a young age, but somehow after middle school, some kids seem to think they are not required to use these two words during daily communication. No dear, you don’t outgrow being respectful and appreciative to those people around you…yes, even the worker at your favorite coffee shop. I have found that saying please and thank you to people gets me a lot further when working with people…and sometimes an extra shot of espresso in my coffee or more french fries in the bottom of my bag!

Bless You
Tis’ the season of allergies, stuffy noses, and lots of sneezing! I promise your coworker in the next cube over would love to stop sneezing if she could. Make her feel a little better about her “achoo’s” with a quick little “Bless You!” every now and then.

Say Goodbye to Your Seat
I understand and appreciate the value of a good seat in a crowded place; however, I am an able-bodied twenty-three year old and have no problems standing. I believe in the common courtesy of giving up my seat for someone that may not be as able-bodied as I am. I believe this is a great way to show respect to your elders (or for Southern Gentlemen to impress their Southern Belle!).

Chew Before You Speak
Goodness gracious do I love food; everything from the presentation to the taste is simply amazing to me. As much as I love food, I don’t really love seeing it in someone’s mouth being chewed. Ew, just ew. This one shouldn’t be difficult, please finish chewing your food before you open your mouth to speak! The extra ten seconds to chew your sandwich won’t kill you, but it surely will make the person sitting across the table from you a much happier (and less grossed out) person!